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   Article: Bank Angle for
   Standard Rate Turn
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Bank Angle and the Physics of Standard Rate Turns (continued)

VIII - Units and Variables Used

International System of Units (SI Units)
Base Units    
Unit Type Unit Name Symbol
     Distance or Length meters [m]
     Mass kilograms [kg]
     Time seconds [s]
     Angle radians [rad]
Derived Units    
Unit Type Unit Name Symbol
     Weight or Force newtons [N]
     Speed meters per second [m/s]
     Angular Speed radians per second [rad/s]
Table 8-1


Variables and Constants Used
Name Symbol SI Unit
     Bank Angle [rad]
     Horizontal Component of Lift LH [N]
     Vertical Component of Lift LV [N]
     Total Lift Force L [N]
     Centripetal Force CF [N]
     Rate of Turn or Angular Speed [rad/s]
     Aircraft Turn Radius r [m]
     Aircraft Speed v [m/s]
     Aircraft Mass m [kg]
     Length of Arc s [m]
     Aircraft Position Angle [rad]
     Acceleration of Gravity g [m/s2]
Name Symbol SI Unit
     pi (ratio of circle circumference
     to diameter)
Table 8-2


Variables Used in Equations and their SI Conversion Multipliers
Name Symbol Non SI Unit Multiplier to
Convert to SI
Exact Conversion
     Bank Angle [o] (/180) yes
     Component of Lift
LH [lbf] (0.45359237 · 9.80665) yes
     Component of Lift
LV [lbf] (0.45359237 · 9.80665) yes
     Total Lift Force L [lbf] (0.45359237 · 9.80665) yes
     Centripetal Force CF [lbf] (0.45359237 · 9.80665) yes
     Rate of Turn or
     Angular Speed
[o/s] (/180) yes
     Aircraft Turn
r [km] (1000) yes
     Aircraft Turn
r [Nm] (1852) yes
     Aircraft Speed v [knots] (463/900) yes
     Aircraft Speed v [km/hr] (5/18) yes
     Aircraft Mass m [lb] (0.45359237) yes
     Length of Arc s [km] (1000) yes
     Length of Arc s [Nm] (1852) yes
     Aircraft Position
[o] (/180) yes
     Acceleration of
g [ft/s2] (0.3048) yes
Table 8-3


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