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Online Aviation Instrument Simulators + E6b, CR3 and other Flight Computer Calculators


Our site provides access to a variety of tools. From e6B (flight computer) calculators to interactive basic navigation simulators.

Aviation is a rapidly growing, particularly in developing countries, and there is great need for training a new generation of pilots who will fly more sophisticated aircraft in increasingly crowded and complex airspace. We are physically located in sunny Sarasota, Florida, USA.

Mission Statement

"To provide quality online aviation education products accessible to anyone with Internet access."


  Photo: Luiz Roberto Monteiro de Oliveira View Luiz Roberto Monteiro de Oliveira's profile on LinkedIn Luiz Roberto Monteiro de Oliveira
Born in São Paulo Brazil, Luiz brings a broad range of skills. Luiz holds FAA commercial and flight instructor's licenses for both helicopters and airplanes. Luiz also has an MBA from the George Washington University in Washington, DC and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the Maua Institute of Technology in São Paulo, Brazil. His most recent employment was as Manager of Programs and Communications for Middle East and Africa at the United States Chamber of Commerce in Washington, DC.

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  Navigation Simulator  
  Practice in our simulator specifically designed for learning the basics of instrument navigation. Try the Navigation Simulator, available for Windows PC. Now completely free. There is also an online version that runs directly on this website, and can be viewed on a Windows PC, Mac, or Linux OS. Note: the Windows PC version of the simulator has its own self-contained Flash, so it works without Flash being installed and is not subject to the Adobe Flash discontnuation / end of life.  



  Free Online Simulators
No installation required. These simulators are ready to run on your web browser and have a rich set of features. Practice basic VOR, ADF, RMI and HSI intrument orientation and execute holding patterns. Other simulators include pitot static system and altimeter errors. Click here to go to main online simulator page.
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