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   1976 Standard Atmosphere Graphs   Complete standard atmosphere graphs:
Graph all properties in multiple units

1976 Standard Atmosphere
(0-86 km)

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Instructions: Select the desired property from the pulldown menu for the desired graph, and select the desired unit. The Z scale units can also be chosen using the small box on the left of the axis. If you wish to compare properties against each other enable Graph 2, and/or Graph 3. When choosing more than one graph the grid is turned off to avoid clutter.

168 graphs!
27 properties can be graphed against Geometric Altitude. Different units can be chosen for the graphs. This is the equivalent of having 168 graphs for standard atmosphere.


  U.S. Standard Atmosphere 1976, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C., 1976

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Units and Abbreviations
Length or Distance
m -  meters
ft -  feet
in -  inches
sm -  statute miles
oF -  degrees Fahrenheit 
oC -  degrees Celsius 
oR -  degrees Rankine 
K -  Kelvin
Weight and Mass
lbs -  pounds
slug -  slug
kg -  kilogram
Ammount of Molecules
kmol -  kilomole
lbmol -  pound-mole
N -  Newtrons
lbf pound-force
InHg -  Inches of Mercury
Pa -  Pascal
N/m2 Newtrons per square meter
hPa -  hectopascal
mmHg -  milimeters of mercury
lbf /ft2 pounds of force per square feet 
lbf /in2 pounds of force per square feet 
torr -  torr (Torricelli)
mbar -  milibar(s)
Length or Distance
m -  meters
ft -  feet
Nm -  nautical miles
km -  kilometers
sm -  statute miles
knots or kts-  knots (Nm/h)
ft/s -  feet per second
m/s -  meters per second
km/h -  kilometers per hour
sm/h -  statute miles per hour
h or hr(s) -  hour(s)
m or min(s) -  minute(s)
s or sec(s) -  second(s)
W -  Watt
BTU -  British Thermal Units


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